New seamstress

It all starts with nimble fingers

We would like to take advantage of the launch of our blog to present our new seamstress, Monica. She is the brains behind the production of our unique products. She plays a vital role in Swell Fellow production, as she brings to life the creations that we imagine.

Italy & Quebec

Italian-born, Monica crossed the ocean to settle in La Belle Province, Quebec! Fortunately, we got our hands on this gem when she responded to the position that we posted on Emploi-Québec, and since then, her attention to detail and incredible talent hasn't failed to charm us.

An exceptional career

Over her 30 year career creating clothing and accessories, Monica was able to work for famous couture names. In particular, designing leather bags Dolce & Gabbana, Donhill, Alviero Martini and Cartier. She also designed ties for Zegna, Leonard Paris, Brioni, Church's, Aquascutum, Ballantyne, Gucci, Tom Ford and actor Daniel Craig - she embodied the role of James Bond on the big screen.

Vivid passion

Although she has practiced her profession for several years, Monica continues to amaze us with the number of stages and hours required to make small very simple accessories like neckties and bow ties. There usually take 30 to 60 minutes of work to create a bow tie while nearly two hours may be required to make a single tie!

With a real passionate for her art, Monica makes each piece with the same dexterity.

A tie that has come a long way

Nevertheless, our seamstress has a very special relationship with the tie. In fact her greatest pride is crafting more for the latest James Bond film. Her anecdote of the more comical fashion, she always laughs, puts also stage a tie: "I had cut one end of the tie for use on another creation. Someone accidentally hung the cut tie on display in the shop and it was purchased on the same day by a customer who has never complained about his bizarre appearance!"

For Monica, the pleasure she gets from her job at Swell Fellow comes from the element of surprise, all the while giving customers consistently well crafted accessories sold in our shop. 

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