About us

Erik Fürer - The designer

Erik Fürer is a talented young artist born in 1982. Fascinated by history and art from a very early age, he devotes his time to wide-ranging creative pursuits, including sewing, drawing, sculpting, and painting.

His multiple and complementary talents allow him to create more than simple accessories: his designs are true works of art.

Working closely with his mother, also an accomplished artist, Érik produces most of his own creations, from the initial design to the final hand-sewn article.

Érik is a passionate artist who draws inspiration from his surroundings, whether he’s at the movies, in a restaurant, strolling in the woods or travelling. His wide-open vision of the world is reflected in the dazzling diversity of his creations.


Swell Fellow - The brand

Do you need to be a businessman to wear a tie? Or a dandy to wear a bowtie?

Swell Fellow designs high-end men’s fashion accessories of unequalled originality that you’ll love to wear – at work or with friends.

It all starts on the pages of Erik’s sketchbook. Every single one of his creations is the result of an intense artistic exploration; as a result, he’s able to deliver a unique finished product that is both refined and inimitable.

Once the design is ready, the material selection process can begin. The purest cotton, the smoothest silk, the most robust linen, the most beautiful leather, the softest wool – all of it hand-picked!

Every article is handcrafted in our boutique and workshop located in Old Montreal. And no article leaves the workshop without Erik’s approval.