Dare to wear high-end handmade ties and bow ties from Swell Fellow



Dare to wear high-end handmade ties and bow ties from Swell Fellow



The other day, when I met the dragon and philanthropist Alexandre Taillefer #TrueStory, he was wearing a very original tie with his suit. He told me that his tie was from a Montreal company and that he had found it at the boutique of the Musée d'Art Contemporain in Baie St-Paul.
The tie had piqued my curiosity. It was dark black, but with two gray (vintage) keyboard keys with the letters A and T. Those are our initials together.

So I did my little research and discovered the mark behind the tie. This is Swell Fellow, a Montreal brand that designs fashion accessories for men (ties, bow ties and pocket square).

Their products are top of the range ($ 60 to $ 180 per item) and unmatched originality. Each creation is made by its designer Érik Fürer, artist engaged in sewing, drawing, sculpture and painting. The accessories are all handmade in the workshop-boutique located in the heart of Old Montreal. It is the fruit of intense and unique artistic research to deliver a final piece that is as refined as it is inimitable.
We note that the choice of materials is an important concern for the designer. "The purity of cotton, the nobility of silk, the resistance of linen, the beauty of leather, the softness of wool, nothing is left to chance", we can read on their site.
So if you want to wear a little work of art around your neck, just to have as much swag as our favorite (former) dragon, head to swellfellow.ca or to these points of sale.
Crédit : Iphone 5 d'Alexandre Turcotte
Thanks a lot to SODEQ for its participation.


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